Privacy Policy

In the privacy policy, we describe what data our website collects and how it secures it.

This Privacy Policy sets out the rules for the collection, processing and use of personal data. The Website makes every effort to ensure respect for your privacy and protection of personal information provided while using the Website and purchasing the service as part of the Website and, for this purpose, takes all necessary actions.

What data is collected by the Website automatically when using the Website?

The Internet Service does not automatically collect any data, except for the data contained in cookies when using the Website. Cookies are small text files sent by the Website and stored on your computer containing certain information related to your use of the Website and the Online Store. The cookies used by the Website may be temporary or permanent. Temporary cookies are deleted when the browser is closed, while permanent cookies are also stored after the end of your use of the Website and are used to store information such as your password or login, which speeds up and facilitates the use of the Website. The Website uses the cookies listed below for the following purposes:

Cookies used by the Website and their purpose:

  1. a) to adapt the content of the pages to the user’s preferences and optimize the use of websites; in particular, these files allow to recognize the user’s device of the Internet Website and properly display the website, adapted to their individual needs,

    b) to create statistics that help to understand how the Website’s users use the websites, which allows improving their structure and content

  2. c) To maintain the Website user’s session, thanks to which the user does not have to re-enter their login and password on each subpage of the Website.

In any case, you can block the installation of cookies or delete permanent cookies using the appropriate options of your web browser. In case of any problems, we advise you to use the browser’s help file or contact the browser manufacturer you use.

In addition to cookies, the Website may also collect data normally collected by administrators of Internet systems under the so-called logs or log files. The information contained in the logs may include Your IP address, type of platform and web browser, internet provider and the address of the page from which you entered the Website.

What data does the Website collect during registration and purchase of services?

The Website will collect from you the following personal data through the Website and other forms of communication, in case of registration process on the Website and purchase of services:

1) e-mail address (for registration)
2) date of birth (for registration)
3) address (only in the case and for the purchase of a service with a credit card)
4) surname and first name (only in case and for the purpose of purchasing a service with credit card)
5) telephone number (only in the case and for the purchase of the service 1 Contact for SMS)
6) NIP (only if you request an invoice)